Helping you Achieve Long-Term Success

Distributing dental, medical and ophthalmic/optometry equipment to developing countries especially in Africa can be difficult. We’ve been doing this for nearly 2 and a half decades and many of our team have lived and worked in Sub-Saharan Africa, so we understand your challenges as a distributor/dealer

Our goal is to use our industry expertise and wide range of international manufacturing partnerships to help you respond to the business opportunities within your area more effectively – whatever top brand products or consumables your customers require

With our incredible insight into the African market, strategic partnership ethos and focus on growth, you can count on us to help you realise a long-term vision for your specific market and achieve strong and steady sales

We’re here to empower you to find new ways to make your business prosper this year – and for many years to come

Benefits Of Working With Beeveejay

Distribution and dealer partners have trust and confidence in us to help them deliver equipment & products to private and public sector clients such as Ministries of Health, major hospitals, medical and dental schools, NGOs and private health centres because we can and do:

  • Engage and partner with them in many ways to support and develop a strong local business with long term vision and ethos e.g. marketing, training, strategy, business planning, after sales service support etc. ‘Their business is our business’
  • Access high quality products and consumables for competitive prices, building their portfolio
  • Give personal customer service experience through sales, logistics and after-sales processes
  • Enlist strong support from manufacturing partners to establish three-way business development partnerships
  • Help them promote their reputation and goods to their target audiences e.g. attending exhibitions and market field visits
  • Provide ‘free consultancy’ to improve business management
  • Assist with regulatory compliance and registration in local markets to allow products to be more easily imported
  • Actively seek finance solutions (e.g. delayed repayment and low interest rates) to address issues common in developing markets e.g. poor cashflow, high interest rates, limited finance solutions, adverse foreign exchange movements, credit risk etc

Let’s talk about how we can develop your business with our product range

Contact us and a member of our Business Development and Marketing (BDM) team will work with you to find the right solution for your organisation and location