Global Manufacturers, Local Connections

The dental, medical and ophthalmic/optometry products your business manufactures are core to the delivery of quality healthcare across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Beeveejay can offer you a more streamlined path to your target end users via our partnership network, established over nearly 2 and half decades ago by our friendly team with first-hand experience in the region.

We work with top brand manufacturers from all over the world to connect them with local distributors so they can provide equipment and consumables to private and public sector clients such as Ministries of Health, major hospitals, medical and dental schools, and private health centres.

Let us connect you and our local African partners distributors so you can reach new ‘difficult to access’ markets with your product range and watch your business grow.

Benefits Of Working With Beeveejay

Our track record, reputation and capability for supplying dental, medical and ophthalmic/optometry products to the African markets you want to target is well-known.  Our manufacturer supply chain already stretches across the globe, primarily Europe, North America and Japan. Here are some of the benefits you can experience when you work with us:

  • Increase your market share and presence in the Sub-Saharan Africa region via our strong regional partnerships and routes to a variety of end customers
  • Long term business development plan and strategy
  • Replicating good and solid international reputation locally on the ground
  • Minimal legwork associated with registration of the products with local regulators, to facilitate smooth importation
  • Develop retained business to create sustainable sales performance through repeat custom
  • Streamlined management of all aspects of the sale of your products, including professional follow-up of leads, marketing, quotations, order processing, technical service support and product training